Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Five Things I Learnt From The American President


1.   A woman will melt when a man compliments her shoes.
Because that’s just like, so totally adorable! Come on. This man is the leader of the free world and the best he can come up with is a throwaway line about what she arbitrarily chose to stuff her feet into that day? Not impressed!

2.   At 5:45 network news is in makeup.
5:45 doesn’t do me any good, Lewis!

3.   Michael J. Fox is the most charming dude on the planet.
Even though he’s irascible, overworked and underloved (ha, sorry) in this movie, there is an inherent sweetness in MJF that shines through in every role. Marty McFly 4eva!

4.   I would vote for Andrew Shepherd.
Michael Douglas plays my all-time favourite fictional president. Honorable, decisive, sharply intelligent, witty... the list is long and it’s good.

5.   We should all try to be a little bit more like Sydney Ellen Wade.
Apart from having a fantastic name, Sydney is whip smart, determined and sassy in the best possible way. When I grow up, I want to be Sydney Ellen Wade.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Five Things I Learnt From Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  1. Getting your heart broken is so much more heart-breaking when you're naked.
    So, um, put some pants on when someone tells you they need to talk.
  2. I want to be best friends with Mila Kunis.
    Rachel, Mila's character in this movie is, in my crazy film-loving mind, similar to the Real Mila. In FSM, Rachel is is funny, whip smart, and sexy in a 'just one of the boys' kind of way. I like to think that Mila is the same. You know she'd spend the night drinking cheap wine with you and would never steal your boyfriend. Sooo, Mila, call me maybe?
  3. Hawaii. Just yes.
    So my wanderlust is acting up again thanks to this film. Hawaii is beautifully shown here, and it's a slice of heaven against the crazy plotline. Let's go.
  4. I would watch Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime.
    Lame puns, grizzly murders, and a Baldwin? Yes please. Someone needs to make this happen.
  5. Jason Segel can write a great love scene.
    He's tapped into a sweet -but never sappy- tone, and it's so enjoyable to watch. Although, he did also write this exchange, so I don't think we need to worry about Mr. Segel sliding into sappy rom-com territory anytime soon.
    Brian: You don't need to put your P in a V right now.Peter Bretter: No, I need to B my L on someone's T's.

Five Things I Learnt From Erin Brockovich

  1. Sometimes the only way over the wall is through it. Call it what you will- tenacity, ballsy-ness, ferocity- Erin is nothing if not determined. Her co-workers won’t help her, nor her boss initially, but her refusal to back down ensures her success. Well, that and her awesome rhetoric. 
  2. You have to let people help you.
    Erin’s neighbour/boyfriend George is living proof that good people exist and want to help you. No one is superwoman, not even Erin.
  3. Gut feeling is gold.
    Erin knows something is wrong in Hinkley, and is a dog with a bone chasing her gut feeling through the entire film.
  4. Offending your boss is a great way to get promoted.
    Yeah, ok.
  5. Boobs
    I know, I know, this point is so anti-feminist it's ridiculous. But, in terms of the film, Erin rocks that cleavage in such an unapologetic, self-empowered way that we could all learn a thing or two. They're called boobs, Ed!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Things I Learnt From The Dark Knight Rises


  1. Batman may or may not be the ultimate superhero, but he gets the job done- no muss, no fuss.
    I'd want the strong, silent protector in my corner over obnoxious Spiderman (the Garfield era, not Maguire) or mouthy Iron Man every day of the week.
  2. If Tom Hardy ever loses his looks, the world will weep.
    The man is nothing without his pretty face. That mask was a travesty.
  3. Everyone should have an Alfred.
    Ok, let's be real here. Bruce Wayne would not exist without Alfred. The man raised him, kept his secret, maintained Wayne Manor and loved Bruce as if he were his own son for his entire life! Alfred's understanding of who Bruce is at his core is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. See also: Comissioner Gordon. I love me an unsung hero.
  4. Let's all go to Florence right now.
    Going into the film, I expected no more from the location than the typical grey, dreary, crumbling Gotham City. Instead, we're treated with glimpses of the beautiful Italian city as the haven for our hero and his nearest and dearest, and once again, my wanderlust is fired up.
  5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt should be in every movie ever.
    He often gets overlooked in favour of one R.Gosling, that other hot twenty-something serious ac-tor (say that in your fancy voice), but JGL can BRING IT. You need a sweet leading man? An unassuming hero? A conflicted cancer sufferer? A solid right-hand man? He'll do it all and make you fall in love by the time the credits roll.

Five Things I Learnt from When Harry Met Sally

1.      I now consistently question whether or not men and women can be platonic friends.
This is kind of ridiculous. I grew up without brothers, but I attended all co-ed schools and had basically a 50-50 split of guy and girl friends. I still do! But thanks to effing WHMS, every now and then I hear Billy Crystal’s whiny, matter-of-fact voice saying “Men and women can never be friends. The sex part always gets in the way.” [Sidenote: that phrasing, about the ‘sex part’, always makes me giggle. PENIS!]

2.       Everyone should be like Jess and Marie.
Harry’s dorky best mate and Sally’s sweet but romantically-challenged friend meet and click and the next thing you know, they’re moving in together and getting married and living happily ever after. Their relationship is the anti rom-com. There’s no messing around or faux soul-searching; these two show how easy it can be. We should all be so lucky.

3.       It’s ok to have your movies alphabetised.
And thank goodness for that. Harry finds Sally’s OCD quirks inherently endearing, and does not tease her mercilessly as a majority of the boys in my life are wont to do. Alphabetise away!

4.       You can’t have good sex with a Sheldon.
Sorry, Amy Farrer Fowler. You’re out of luck, buddy.

5.       A wagon wheel coffee table is never a good idea.
Enough said.