Sunday, October 14, 2012

Five Things I Learnt From Erin Brockovich

  1. Sometimes the only way over the wall is through it. Call it what you will- tenacity, ballsy-ness, ferocity- Erin is nothing if not determined. Her co-workers won’t help her, nor her boss initially, but her refusal to back down ensures her success. Well, that and her awesome rhetoric. 
  2. You have to let people help you.
    Erin’s neighbour/boyfriend George is living proof that good people exist and want to help you. No one is superwoman, not even Erin.
  3. Gut feeling is gold.
    Erin knows something is wrong in Hinkley, and is a dog with a bone chasing her gut feeling through the entire film.
  4. Offending your boss is a great way to get promoted.
    Yeah, ok.
  5. Boobs
    I know, I know, this point is so anti-feminist it's ridiculous. But, in terms of the film, Erin rocks that cleavage in such an unapologetic, self-empowered way that we could all learn a thing or two. They're called boobs, Ed!

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