Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Things I Learnt from When Harry Met Sally

1.      I now consistently question whether or not men and women can be platonic friends.
This is kind of ridiculous. I grew up without brothers, but I attended all co-ed schools and had basically a 50-50 split of guy and girl friends. I still do! But thanks to effing WHMS, every now and then I hear Billy Crystal’s whiny, matter-of-fact voice saying “Men and women can never be friends. The sex part always gets in the way.” [Sidenote: that phrasing, about the ‘sex part’, always makes me giggle. PENIS!]

2.       Everyone should be like Jess and Marie.
Harry’s dorky best mate and Sally’s sweet but romantically-challenged friend meet and click and the next thing you know, they’re moving in together and getting married and living happily ever after. Their relationship is the anti rom-com. There’s no messing around or faux soul-searching; these two show how easy it can be. We should all be so lucky.

3.       It’s ok to have your movies alphabetised.
And thank goodness for that. Harry finds Sally’s OCD quirks inherently endearing, and does not tease her mercilessly as a majority of the boys in my life are wont to do. Alphabetise away!

4.       You can’t have good sex with a Sheldon.
Sorry, Amy Farrer Fowler. You’re out of luck, buddy.

5.       A wagon wheel coffee table is never a good idea.
Enough said.

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